PT DAHANA’s DKM (Mosque Management Council) Al Akhdar held a virtual monthly review. This time, in anticipation of Eid al-Adha festive which will soon arrive, the theme of the study concerns on the Fiqh of Qurban with Ustadz Nur Ihsan Jundullah, who is popularly known as Kang Abe, as the speaker. The event, which was held virtually and was attended by Dahana employees throughout Indonesia, was given on Friday, 26 May 2023.

In his presentation, Kang Abe conveyed the meaning of Qurban which originates from Arabic which means ‘near’, and means getting closer to Allah SWT. According to him, every closeness has the consequence of sacrifice. He also conveyed that the law of observance of Qurban is a sunnah muakkad, namely a sunnah that is recommended to be carried out. He also cites another source, namely Abu Hanifah who obliges sacrifice to those who are able and who are not on a journey (safar).

“The Prophet (PBUH) SAW said, those who have the ability to sacrifice yet unwilling to of sacrifice, so once in a while he should not approach our place of prayer. This hadith was narrated by Ahmad and Ibn Majah,” said Kang Abe.

Kang Abe added that the criteria for sacrificial animals according to several scholars, including according to Imam Malik, the priority in the sacrifice was sheep or goats, meanwhile according to Imam Syafi’I, the priority animals were camels, then cows, then goats. He also explained that the minimum age of sheep should be one year, while the age of goats should be at least two years, the age of cows or buffalo should be at least two years, and the age of camels should be at least five years.

In the narration of Tirmidzi, Kang Abe explained that there are four criteria for animals that cannot be offered as sacrificial animals, namely, those which cannot see, are physically sick, are limpy, and are too skinny.

The minimum requirement of cattle sacrifice for a single individual is one goat, or one cow for share with seven individuals While the recipients of the sacrificial animals are the poor and are to be given as gifts and those who sacrifice are eligible for a maximum of one-third of the meat sacrificed.

This monthly study is the first study carried out by the new management of Al Akdhar Mosque Council. The Director of Finance, Risk Management and HR of PT DAHANA Ahyanizzaman issued an Order of the Directors of PT DAHANA numbered: Prin/015/V/2023 on May 12, 2023 which specified the appointment of DAHANA employees as new administrators of the Al Akhdar Mosque Council (DKM) for the period of 2023 to 2026.

The management of DKM Al Akhdar is currently chaired by Ismail Kurbani, with Andi Sanusi as Deputy Chairperson which is tasked with the effort for prospering the mosque with various religious activities, maintenance of the cleanliness of the mosque and its surrounding courtyards, coordinating with related parties in mosque activities, and carrying out orderly administration and finance.

“Hopefully we can carry out this mandate to the fullest through programs that benefit both individually and a positive impact on company performance,” said Mr Kurbani.


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