PT DAHANA (Persero) admits two emulsion explosives, namely the cartridge emulsion and the bulk emulsion. Largely, mining companies such as gold and coal mining regularly adopt emulsion for their explosive material due to its excellence compared to others.

Dahana Bulk Emulsion Explosive (DABEX) is bulk emulsion product invented and produced independently by DAHANA.  The research has been conducted since 1998. It all began with the idea on how to apply explosives in wet blast area, yet they still produce high detonation impact and manage to efficiently splinter rocks. DABEX  has been effectively formulated to be used in a wet blast hole where water resistant charging is required. In addition it can be loaded into a hole with minimal diameter of 75 mm, depend on the hole depth and emulsion composition.  DABEX  ammonium nitrat-based is emulsifiable with water in oil, dispersed in fuel oil and emulsifier.

Moreover, DABEX can be used by 100% emulsion or in blend  with ANFO up to 40% DANFO 4 composition. The gassing of DABEX emulsion phase provides controlled modification of final blended product densities, detonation pressure, bulk explosives strenth and gas volume.

With the capability of densities control by gassing, it is possible to vary the densities of final DABEX emulsion blend in the blast hole based on the blasting requirement. When bulk explosives loading strength is optimized, low-cost of blasting might be performed.

Owing to its excellent  blast fumes, this product is profoundly used either in underground or above surface mining rock blasting. Nevertheless, all explosive operators must assure the sufficient air-opening situated in blasting area.

According to Abdul Haris Atbaro, The General Manager at General Mining Division 2 of PT DAHANA, in view of economy, fuel oil usage can be replaced by recycled lubricant, since it has a lot of strong points, namely creating the independency to produce competitive and enviromentally friendly product,  saving diesel fuel, trimming recycled lubricant transportation and waste management cost.

“On the other hand, from the social point of view, PT DAHANA is committed to 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) implementation, by reprocessing B3 waste into innovative product. It provides additional value towards our consumer since we are requipped with product differentiation,” said Abdul Haris. (YQ).