For the purposes of internalization AKHLAK values ​​among DAHANA personnel, DKM Al-Akhdar mosque administrator holds regular recitations with Ustadz Syahroni Mardani, Lc., carrying the theme “Crab Mentality”. The   recitation was held by means of Zoom meeting, on Friday, February 25, 2022.


In his presentation, Mr Mardani gave illustration of crabs placed in a container; when one of the crabs, it will climb upward, while other crabs pull the climbing one down. In psychological terms, this refers to as crab mentality which is an analogy of selfish behavior and envy of other people’s success.


“In Islam we might call this attitude hasad—envy when one finds it hard to see other people happy while happy to see other people get in trouble, as enshrined in the Qur’an Surah Ali Imron verse 120 which says ‘If good touches you, it distresses them; but if harm strikes you, they rejoice at it” said Mr Mardani.


Mr Mardani also emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy competition; the one that spurs everyone to compete to be the best, rather than an unfair competition, nor competition based on feelings of envy and hatred, competition that is tainted with self-praise and demeaning others.


The chairman of  Al Akhdar mosque administration, Anwar Sanusi conveyed that the monthly recitation activity is a mandate from the Collective Labor Agreement (PKB) that the company conducts spiritual development of employees. Mr Sanusi also hoped that this monthly recitation will meet the spiritual needs of DAHANA’s personnel.


“This monthly recitation can also increase religious understanding and increase employee’s insight and awareness of religious life in terms of knowledge and aspects of attitude. This is also in line with the AKHLAK culture launched by the Ministry of SOEs for all state-owned companies,” said Mr Sanusi


Mr Sanusi added that this regular recitation activity is very good and should be consistently carried out. He hoped that the schedule of the recitation can be made more frequently to once every two weeks. In addition, Mr Sanusi also hoped that this monthly recitation activity will also bring an impact on improvement of the company performance, as DAHANA’s motto “Serving the Nation Better”, where every employee is obliged to give the best for the nation.