Realizing the ever higher Omicron Covid-19 infection rate, not only the company and the millennial community of DAHANA, but also  Tataliwargi (community ties) DAHANA was moved to help each other save the community by providing medical supplies to the Subang Regional General Hospital. The assistance was handed over directly by Besty Yulia Puspasari, the Head of Tataliwargi Dahana to the Director of Subang Hospital, dr. Achmad Nasuhi in his office on Friday morning, February 25, 2022.


Miss Puspasari said that this assistance is a form of contribution and active role of organization to provide maximum health services for the community. The Taliwargi also hoped to be able to sustainably help the health sector and continue to collaborate with Subang Hospital.


“This is a form of DAHANA’s Tataliwargi concern for the ongoing Covid-19 condition. In fact, Tataliwargi’s social activities do not only focus on health facilities, but also to other foundations such as orphanages and nursing homes. We are also designing a Cheap Market Bazaar that can be benefitted by the community around DAHANA. It is our hope it will be easier for us to carry out this social service,” said Miss Puspasari.


The assistance delivered consisted of medical equipment and supplies such as wheelchairs, hazmat, face shields, cap straps, medical gloves, safety glasses, neo ear-loop, and neo head-loop. The charity was welcomed by the Director of Subang Hospital, dr. Achmad Nasuhi who said that the charity from Tataliwargi DAHANA will be very useful for Subang Hospital.


“I am very happy; this is an extraordinary contribution. We have a surge in the Omicron Covid-19.  It is simply an extraordinary assistance from DAHANA’s Tataliwargi. I  did not expect that DAHANA’s Tataliwargi would be the first to provide assistance this year. Certainly the assistance from DAHANA’s Tataliwargi will be of great use here,” said dr Nasuhi.


Tataliwargi DAHANA is a women’s organization consisting of wives of the board of directors, wives of employees, female employees, and employees of PT DAHANA alumni. Not only routinely does the organization provide social assistance, Tataliwargi also often carries out activities to help improve the ability of members with various trainings such as entrepreneurship training and many other activities.


Like the rest of DAHANA’s extended family, they are easily moved to provide assistance to vulnerable groups, confer educational assistance, empower the community’s economy, and deliver social assistance to disaster victims throughout Indonesia. Tataliwargi also continues to compete with other communities in the company to contribute maximum benefit to the community.