In commemoration its 56th anniversary, DAHANA organized a running and cycling competition under the name DAHANA Virtual Race (DVR). This program started in September 17, 2022 and ended in October 9, 2022. Meanwhile, winners of the competition were announced on October 12, 2022.

DVR 2022 committee, Faridz Miftah said that the DVR event was different from the previous DVR as the current the DVR was openly available to DEFEND ID employees. This is a practical form of DAHANA’s 56th Anniversary theme, namely Collaboration in Innovation.

 “DVR theme is in line with the 56th Anniversary theme, namely Collaboration in innovation. This year, DVR collaborates with all companies under Defend ID Holding, while the tagline is still the same as last year, which are #JagaKesehatan, #janganLupaBahagia,” said Mr Miftah.

Participants of DVR 2022 consist of individuals and groups divided into two sports, running and cycling. The winner of the DVR is accounted from the most points can be collected by participants. Participants must cover one kilometer run get two points, while cyclists have to pedal 1 km to get one point. Finishers are individuals who meet a minimum of 56 points and team points must reach a minimum of 560.

From the committee’s results of the recap and calculations, DVR 2022 winners consisted of Group Winners, namely the GUN, GATOTKACA, and WANIAN groups, while the individual winners were Rully Setiawan of PT PINDAD (Run Male), Meilisa R. of PTDI (Run Female), Leo Wibawa of PT PINDAD (Ride Male), and Ema Rahayu of PT PINDAD (Ride Female).

DAHANA Individual Champions were Erwin Cipta of EMC (Run Male), Horry I. of Migas (Run Female), Aswad Tanjung of EMC (Ride Male), and Ruri G, a Security officer (Ride Female). Mr Miftah hoped that the DVR event can serve as forum of friendship and collaboration among fellow DAHANA employees and among DEFEND ID employees. The total prize for all winners at DVR 2022 amounted to tens of millions of rupiah.

 “We hope that with DVR x DEFEND ID this year can be a forum for friendship and collaboration among companies that have just joined the DEFEND ID SOEs Holding family which was legalized in April. The main goal is to be healthy and happy. Hopefully this activity can leave an impact on the surrounding environment as to make them start moving and exercising,” said Mr Miftah.