SUBANG – In commemoration of its 56th anniversary, PT DAHANA organized a blood donation event as part of the DAHANA’s 2022 Social and Environment Responsibility (SER) Week program. DAHANA’s employees and local residents enthusiastically participated in event provided at Bale DAHANA Subang on Tuesday, 18 October 2022.

Under the theme of Collaboration in Innovation, DAHANA maintains the tradition of collaborating with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Subang Regency. This collaboration is the company’s step to provide blood stock to people in need.

The blood donation action carried out by DAHANA’s employees was welcomed by President Director Wildan Widarman, who said that blood donation is a form of employee concern for fellow community members. Apart from that, blood donation also carries a health impact on donors.

“I thank DAHANA’s employees who have donated blood in this annual program. It is our hope that the kind gesture of DAHANA’s employees will be accepted by God the Almighty, and (the donated blood)  can be benefitted by people who need blood donation,” said Mr Widarman.

In addition to blood donation, the second day of DAHANA’s SER WEEK 2022 WEEK activities offered free medical treatment, prolanis exercise, counseling on the stigma of leprosy, and the provision of supplementary food. Head of DAHANA’s SER unit, Eman Suherman said, DAHANA is committed to supporting Subang Zero Leprosy and Stunting.

“As a state-owned company, DAHANA is committed to advancing and developing with the community. To be able to contribute in an advanced society, a strong and healthy physical condition is needed, and therefore also focus on eradicating stunting, especially in the Subang Regency area,” said Mr Suherman.

Up to now, DAHANA’s CSR programs in the health sector is considered to be successful as evidenced by the fact that a number of institutions have conducted comparative studies on DAHANA’s SER program in the health sector.

Besides, the impact of the SER program in the health sector has also been advantageous to people with leprosy. DAHANA collaborates with various parties, especially the Subang District Health Office, which regularly holds awareness campaigns on the leprosy situation, and to raise the spirits of people with leprosy. DAHANA also offers a funding program for businesses for those with leprosy.

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