SUBANG – PT DAHANA organized a media crew visit to Energetic Material Center (EMC). The visit was part of the series of Appreciation Peaks for the DAHANA SER Week of 2022, at the DAHANA Campus, Subang, on Friday, October 21, 2022.

DAHANA’s Senior Manager of Legal & Corporate Communication, Juli Jajuli explained that this event was part of public introduction to the explosives industry in Subang Regency.

“This event is also intended to educate the media crew on capabilities of DAHANA’s explosives industry which has dual use technology namely in the commercial and military fields. The media crew can see firsthand the explosives factory located in the Energetic Material Center area,” explained Mr Jajuli.

Mr Jajuli added that in the EMC area is the house to many explosives production facilities, such as the Non-Electric Detonator and Elemented Detonator Factory, DANFO, Dabex and other supporting facilities such as workshops, laboratories, offices and official housing which are scattered over an area of ​​more than 500 hectares.

Apart from the commercial explosives products, DAHANA also produces explosives for defense purposes such as Bomb P Series, defense rockets, smokeless rockets, counter-tank weapons, and the latest innovation: Loitering Munition under the product brand name ‘Rajata’.

“This area is a center for research, development and production of integrated explosives. We also call it the Qibla of Indonesian Explosives,” added Mr Jajuli.

Explosive products manufactured in Subang are not only for domestic market, but also for export purposes to various countries. Most recently, this year, emulsion cartridge-based explosives were sent to Australia for use in underground mines.

Following the presentation, the media crew was then facilitated to visit the Non-Electric Detonator Factory and performed a product quality test. Along the way, the media crew raised questions about the facilities available in the 600-hectare area.

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