Indonesia’s Economic Affairs Coordinating Miniser, Darmin Nasution, accompanied by Minister for Public Works and People’s Housing visited Sukhoi bomb manufacturer in Malang (05/01/17).

Sukhoi bombs produced in collaboration by PT Sari Bahari and PT DAHANA (Persero) is called Bomb P 100 Live.  The bomb is developed from P 100 exercise bomb, with similar weight and aerodynamics the P100 exercise bomb. Casing of P 100 Live bomb (sharp end) is produced by PT Sari Bahari while explosive content is made available by PT DAHANA (Persero) in Subang, West Java. At the moment PT DAHANA gets the TOT for manufacture of AVU-ETMA missile or fuze from Armaco Jsc, Bulgaria.

“Bomb P 100 Live has a domestic content of 88.33%, “ explained Heri Heriswan, Director  of Engineering and Development of PT DAHANA (Persero) during visit with the ministers in Malang. 

The bomb is characterized with a  caliber of 100, 1,100 mm in length and a body diameter of 273 mm. It weighs 100-125 kg, containing military explosives. 

According to Heri Heriswan, the P 100 Live bomb is intended for Indonesia’s Air Force Sukhoi aircrafts. The bomb comes with a variety of excellent features. 

“It is designed for compatibility with both NATO and Russia’s aircraft  standards,” said Heri.

In addition, the bomb does not require complicated maintenance and storing. It is easy and efficient to use as no explosive is required to launch the bomb from it bomb rack impulse cartridge).

On board the Sukhoi aircraft, P 100 L bomb can be launched using the Sukhoi Bombing Standard program.

Another excellent feature attached to the bomb is that it is domestically manufactured allowing more convenient for transport and repair when required..

“Collaborative works of the two manufacturers, apart from P 100 Live, also produces larger bombs, namely P 250 and P 500,” conclude Heri Heriswan. (jjs).