Mining Engineering students of Yogyakarta “Veteran” University visited the DAHANA Campus. This activity was carried out in correlation with the student’s Mining Industry Excursion program and the effort to get insight on mining industry activities.

The student group was received by PT DAHANA’s Mining Operational Technology & System Specialist Expert Sudirjo Heru at DAHANA’s Central Management Office in Subang on Thursday, March 9, 2023. In his remarks, Mr Heru who is also an alumni of UPN’s Mining Engineering said that the explosives facilities at DAHANA are the most complete in the Southeast Asian region.

“Welcome UPN lecturers and students at the DAHANA Central Management Office or commonly known as the DAHANA Campus. In accordance with its philosophy, the DAHANA Campus is has become the choice of scholars, blasting experts, or other students for getting more insight about explosives,” said Mr Heru.

He also told the students about the brief history of DAHANA which was born from the “Menang” project of the Republic of Indonesia’s Air Force, and through its various dynamics, now DAHANA has become the Center for Indonesian Explosives. Apart from that, in March 2, 2022, DAHANA became the member of defense industry holding DEFEND ID.

Mr Heru added that in the world of mining, the name DAHANA is known as a manufacturer of sophisticated explosives with the latest technology, as well as a complete service provider known as Total Explosive Solutions. DAHANA’s human resources are packed with skilled, experienced people and guided by AKHLAK which is a distinct value for mining entrepreneurs in the country.

Up to the recent time, DAHANA’s services have spread to various regions in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. The Company also regularly exports some of its products to the Asia Pacific region. DAHANA’s advantages in the world of mining include product variations that can be adapted to the local conditions and needs to make sure that blasting can be carried out effectively by minimizing blasting costs.

After receiving a presentation from Mr Heru, the 98 students and lecturers had the the Q&A session, followed by a plant tour to DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) area which contains explosives factories, warehousing, and various other facilities.


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