PT DAHANA launched its two newest program innovations, Talent Capacity & AKHLAK Score Improvement on Wednesday, October 25, 2023. The launch of the two DAHANA Human Capital programs was held in the series of DAHANA’s 57th Anniversary Celebration.

The President Director of PT DAHANA, Wildan Widarman conveyed in his speech that the DAHANA Talent Capacity & AKHLAK Score Improvement Program is one of the Company’s efforts to build company resilience. He pointed out that the quality of DAHANA’s human resources will determine the Company’s progress in the future.

“Therefore, we hope that this program can bring change by making DAHANA employees stronger and more ethical, so that DAHANA can continue to grow sustainably,” said Mr Widarman.

Mr Wdarman also expressed his gratitude for the Company’s encouraging achievements in 2022. He was also grateful for the support from both series A and series B shareholders, direction and guidance from the Board of Commissioners, smooth cooperation within the board of directors, full support from DAHANERS, and collaboration with partners for the Company’s sustainable growth.

DAHANA Talent Capacity is a competency development program for BoD 1 to BoD 3 officials at the Indonesian explosives mecca company, activities which include training and coaching. It is hoped that participants get full understanding of the personal & team goals, as well as the business challenges that the company will face.

Meanwhile, DAHANA AKHLAK Score Improvement is an AKHLAK culture strengthening program that involves all employees. These two programs are present to ensure DAHANA’s ability to remain a leader in the energetic materials industry.

Wahyu Sofiadi, Director of Business and Cooperation of PT Len Industri (Persero) Holding DEFEND ID, congratulated all DAHANA people for reaching the age of 57 years. He said that at the age of 57, DAHANA has succeeded in making progress in Human Resources development, business processes and Company values or culture.

“On this occasion, I, representing the Directors of DEFEND ID holding would like to wish PT DAHANA a Happy 57th Birthday. Hopefully with the theme ‘Building Resilience Through Innovation’ PT DAHANA can continue to improve product quality and become more advanced through innovation to build resilience in the explosives and defense industries, in order to maintain the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia and achieve the independence of the domestic defense industry,” said Mr Sofiadi.