Prima Daya Migas Cooperative (KPDM) visited DAHANA Campus in Subang, Thursday, august 25, 2022. The field visit was intended to improve the knowledge and skills of explosives management officers in the oil and gas business environment which are part of the Guidance on Safety Techniques for the Management of Oil and Gas Explosives.

In his remarks, DAHANA’s Senior Manager of Legal & Corporate Communication, Juli Jajuli, expressed his gratitude to the company for trusting DAHANA as place to learn about explosives management. Mr Jajuli also explained about DAHANA’s latest condition, ranging the process of moving from Tasikmalaya, to DAHANA’s incorporation into the defense industry SOEs holding, DEFEND ID.

“On behalf of the management, I would like to thank you for your trust in PT DAHANA, so that DAHANA has always been the preferred place for training of explosives practitioners. As the name implies, DAHANA Campus, Central Management Office, the word ‘campus’ carries the philosophy of a place of learning. Besides practitioners, those who regularly visit DAHANA are explosive course students who learn blasting, students majoring in mining and others. The name DAHANA Campus is just the right name,” said Mr Jajuli.

Mr Jajuli also said that currently DAHANA is massively expanding its business, such as the construction of the ammonium nitrate factory in Bontang. The existence of an independent AN factory is seen as very important, especially in the current situation in which Indonesian explosives companies are having difficulty importing explosives due to the Ukraine-Russia war.

The Head of the KPDM delegation, Abdul Rojak, said that his team was grateful for DAHANA’s warm. This year, KPDM has conducted two field visits to DAHANA. At this meeting, he hoped that the training participants would gain knowledge and skills in terms of explosives management.

“This is the second time that KPDM has visited DAHANA. The participants will have the opportunity to witness the explosives factory and detonation demonstration. We hope that you will pay attention and follow the directions of the DAHANA team. Once again, thank you for accepting us, DAHANA,” said Mr Rojak.

As is known, PT DAHANA operates in the business of drilling and blasting, explosives manufacturing, related services and defense related. DAHANA provides blasting services in the general mining, quarry and construction, oil and gas sectors as well as defense explosives. Under the support of the High Energy Materials Center on an area of ​​more than 500 hectares in Subang, West Java, DAHANA offers integrated blasting products and services with experienced human resources.