PT DAHANA won the MHU Coal Environment Day & Improvement Awarding (M.E.D.I.I.A) competition organized by PT Multi Harapan Utama in commemoration of the Environment Day. This event started  in June 6 and winners were announced on Monday, August 15, 2022, at the MHU Project Site, Tenggarong, East Kalimantan.

Operational Manager for DAHANA Site MHU, Eddy Dharmawan said, the innovation with used oil for the making of explosives initiated by DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center got the attention of the project owner (PT MHU) and was chosen as the M.E.D.I.I.A winner in 2022.

“Actually, this product innovation is a follow-up to the 2012/2013 EMC program. This product has long been implemented at the Adaro Jobsite. At MHU, this product started to be implemented in 2022 after obtaining an Operational Eligibility Letter (SLO) permit granted by the Ministry of Environment,” said Mr Dharmawan.

Mr Dharmawan added that, as a mecca company for Indonesian explosives, DAHANA is committed to environmental conservation, especially with regards to the management of Toxic and Hazardous Materials (B3) waste which can be a substitute for diesel fuel to produce explosives, without eliminating or reducing the quality and quality aspects.

Apart from product application, DAHANA’s green commitment is also shown in the Subang Central Management Office (Kampus) building, which was awarded a platinum green building, as well as reforestation support to the community through intensive tree planting and maintenance facilities.

“Winning in the competition for us is not the main thing; rather, this is a form of DAHANA’s commitment to environmental conservation. Besides, this innovative product also offers various benefits as it because it contributes to the PROPER MHU assessment, related to compliance with environmental regulations and achieving environmental excellence” added Mr Dharmawan.

With regards to this competition, Eddy, who was accompanied by Yudhi Wahyudi and Agung Prionegoro, also hoped that DAHANA’s people could develop various kinds of breakthrough innovations related to the environment. Yudhi quoted Sukarno as saying, “Life is not about what I can do, but about me trying, don’t think about failure, that is a lesson,” he concluded.

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