SUBANG – PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Unit did the first planting of the first 2,300 coffees trees on the Company’s 1.5 hectare land in Subang. Working in collaboration with the Tangkalna Lestari Abadi Forest Farmers Group (KTH), the planting ceremony was marked by the planting of coffee seedlings by the Corporate Secretary of Dahana Bayu Anggoro on 7 February 2023.

The Head of DAHANA’s SER unit, Eman Suherman said that the coffee planting is the implementation of the environmental pillar program on reforestation. Apart from that, the coffee planting also has economic goals; meaning that in one planting activity, there are two benefits, namely the environmental and economic benefits.

“The concept is called  Agroforestry which is planting acitivity with an intercropping system under the existing trees such as teak, camphor, and trembesi. The types of coffee trees planted are East Timor Arabica, Yellow Caturra and Robusta with a total of 2,300 trees. The coffee tree was chosen because as apart from having environmental benefits, it is also known as an economical tree,” said Mr Suherman.

Mr Suherman also revealed that SER was inspired by the dual-use of technology system used by DAHANA to produce commercial explosives as well as for the military. In carrying out its programs, SER tries to bring economic benefits to the surrounding community in each of its programs.

Apart from providing 2,300 coffee trees, the activity which was also attended by the Head of the Forest Farmers Group, Syarif Durahman and his members. DAHANA also provided compost and agricultural supplies and agricultural production facilities.

“We hope that the activities which are part of the Sustainable Development Goals can contribute to the greening of the earth and have high economic value to make sure it can have an impact on the Forest Farmers Group for further gaining income by means of management of coffee plantations, without having to damage the environment around the Company,” concluded Mr Suherman.

DAHANA’s SER Unit is well-known for its empowerment, with a focus on the fields of education, the economy, and Micro Small Enterprises (UMK) development. Previously, DAHANA also helped to green the north coast of Subang by planting mangrove trees, and provided greeneries for on Subang roads with productive trees.


Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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