Chief of the Naval Development Research Service (Kadislitbangal) Commodore Agus Karminto, SE, and the Chief of the Indonesian Navy Weapons and Electronic Service Weapons and Electronics Service (Kadissenlekal) Vice Admiral Endarto Pantja I., ST, MT, and the entourage visited the DAHANA Energetic Material Center area in Subang, West Java on Thursday, February 25, 2021. This visit was a tour for learning more about DAHANA’s explosive products.


In addition to presentation regarding DAHANA’s products and facilities, the Indonesian Navy group also had the opportunity to directly visit the production facility and witness the quality testing process for explosives in ​​DAHANA’s Ring 1 restricted area.


In his remarks, the Chief  of Naval Development Research Service, Commodore  Agus Karminto, S.E., said that this visit was a preliminary exploration  in order to get to know more about DAHANA’s products and services. T he Indonesian Navy has never tied any collaboration with DAHANA in terms of research, development nor used DAHANA’s products.


“If you don’t know, you don’t love. That’s what the saying goes and that’s  why we’re visiting DAHANA today. Hopefully in the future we can start the cooperation between the Indonesian Navy and DAHANA, “said Agus.


As it is known to the public, in addition to engaging in commercial explosives for mining and construction, DAHANA also engages in explosives business line for defense. Products of explosives or bombs for defense include P-100L, P-250L, P-500L bombs for Sukhoi fighters belonging to the Indonesian Air Force, RHAN 122 rockets and rocket launchers, as well as other defense explosives. (rmt)