Gilbi Ovi Semesta is an alumnus of Mining Engineering of Palangkaraya University, Central Kalimantan. She told Dfile that while she was at college, she took up research in the field of blasting. Since then, Gilbi fell in love with blasting and was interested in learning more about blasting.


After graduating from college, Gilbi, who has a high desire to study, tried her luck and applied for a job at DAHANA. Armed with her knowledge about the world of mining engineering as well as training for General OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) Expert (AK3U), she went for a test and interview at Dahana Jakarta Office. From the many applicants, Gilbi was one of the candidates that DAHANA hired.


“Thank God, I was selected among the participants who took the test that day, and now I am stationed at the MHU Kukar site. I am very happy to be able to learn, be educated, and hone my skills at this site. Apart from that, DAHANA is my first experience in the world of work,” said Gilbi.


Now, the Korean drama lover is assigned at DAHANA’s safety officer at the MHU site. Her routine job includes identification of hazards, unsafe condition and hazardous actions. The results of Gilbi’s identification is verified and then compiled into a work program that is carried out as a process and an effort to minimize the impact of risk in the work environment.


Although directly exposed to the zone where DAHANA is the only blasting contractor serving several contractors scattered in some the blasting locations, Gilbi continues to maximize her role to remind all colleagues to always take a better care more about OSH in the work environment.


Gilbi also expressed her pride as a woman who is able to adapt to the world of explosives, an industry that most people or women consider as too risky.


“There is definitely a risk. It all depends on how we can control the risk by putting occupational safety and health first priority,” she added.


From the moment she was assigned to her post until now, she has witnessed how innovation is a breath for DAHANA, and she also hopes that under such innovations DAHANA will be able to elevate the competition in the blasting sector both at the local and international levels. (yz)