Students of the Flight Security Officer Course (Suspa FSO) batch 29, of Training Squadron 502, visited DAHANA Campus. The group of students was welcomed by VP Energetic Material Center DAHANA Benny Gunawan at the Training Centre of Dahana Campus on July 26, 2022.

In his welcoming speech, Mr Gunawan said that DAHANA has a long history with the Indonesian Air Force. DAHANA was born from the womb of the Indonesian Air Force (AURI) through the Menang Project that became provider of dynamite and rockets for the Indonesian Air Force, yet in its development, DAHANA has been operating in the commercial explosives sector rather than the military sector.

He added that DAHANA is currently a member of the SOEs Defense Industry Holding DEFEND ID which was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on April 20, 2022 in Surabaya. Under such circumstance, DAHANA is also committed to realizing the independence of the Main Weapon System Equipment (Alutsista) and the National Defense and Security Equipment Tool (Alpalhankam).

“We would also like to convey that in addition to producing commercial explosives, DAHANA has also succeeded in developing military explosive products, including P-Series Bombs, Defense Rockets, Weapons Against Tanks, Smokeless Rockets, and various other defense products,” Mr Gunawan said.

In line with Mr Gunawan,  the Commander of Training Squad 502 Lieutenant Colonel Adm. Dila Yuniar Tugis said that he served in Tasikmalaya in 2011-2013 and frequently got in touch with DAHANA workers who previously had offices in Tasikmalaya. He also said that although it was not included in the curriculum, a visit to DAHANA was seen as important to increase the knowledge and experience of students.

“I hope this visit can help the students to gain experience and knowledge. Students, please feel free toa to explore as much knowledge as possible here, whether explosives, DAHANA as a National Vital Object, and so on,” said Let. Col. Adm. Yuniar.

After discussing and question and answers session at the Smart Room, the students had the opportunity to visit a plant tour in the High Energy Materials Center area owned by the Indonesian explosives mecca company.