PT DAHANA (Persero) works in collaboration with NLR Indonesia (Netherland Leprosy Relief) to tackle leprosy through an inclusive entrepreneurial assistance program for people with leprosy disabilities. The assistance was given at the Pagaden Health Center, Subang, Friday, December 31, 2021.


Head of DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL), Eman Suherman said that TJSL is serious about realizing Indonesia Zero Leprosy, especially in the Subang area where the company operates. Today DAHANA provides entrepreneurial capital assistance in the form of carts and cooking utensils.


“We hope that this assistance can help fight stigma and help patients to be productive. We provide entrepreneurial tools in hoping that that our assistance can be used in an optimum way,” said Eman.


Previously, the company engaged in the explosives industry also participated in socialization for handling of leprosy which also served as a campaign of knowledge about leprosy to the community to help ease the negative stigmas against people with leprosy.


Until now, especially in rural areas of Indonesia, leprosy is still considered a disease caused by supernatural things and therefore with leprosy are often shunned by society. Instead of getting proper medical help, people with leprosy get unfair treatment.


Head of Pagaden Health Center, Ely Badriah, said that DAHANA’s efforts came as a very good step to solve the leprosy problem that plagued several residents in Subang Regency. Apart from providing correct knowledge about leprosy, DAHANA has also provided material assistance in the form of business tools which are expected to improve the mental and immunity of people with leprosy.


“We are proud to have been chosen by PT DAHANA (Persero) to be one of the candidates for receiving the CSR program. We are greatly helped, especially for program assistance for persons with leprosy disabilities. We hope that PT DAHANA (Persero) can continue to grow and continue to help the health centers in Subang,” said Mrs Badriah.