To comply with the policy of the Center for Feasibility of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia, PT DAHANA (Persero) has extended the Military Production and Military Production Facility certificates. First Admiral Teguh Sugiono, Head of the Ministry of Defense’s Center for Defense, handed over the two certificates directly to DAHANA at the Ministry of Defense’s Center for Feasibility Office, Jakarta, Wednesday, December 28, 2021.


According to DAHANA’s Director of Technology & Development Suhendra Yusuf RPN, it is necessary for the company to get the certification from the Defense Ministry’s Center for Feasibility to increase stakeholder confidence that DAHANA’s production facilities and military products can be manufactured any time there is a demand from consumers.


“We have the certificate renewed every year to assure users that our military products are ready to be produced with proper facilities and certified by the Ministry of Defense authorities,” said Mr Yusuf.


The Military Production Facility certificate specifies that that DAHANA has complied with all aspects specified by the Implementation Guideline of the Director General of Defense Facilities numbered Juklak/498/XII/2014 on the establishment of an organization approved and authorized to operate as a military production facility.


Apart from that, with the Military Production Certificate, DAHANA regained confidence in bomb products such as the P-100 Live Bomb, P-250 Live Bomb, and the P-500 Live Bomb. The related certificate says that the three products have been produced in accordance with authentic data including design specifications approved by the Ministry of Defense. The certified facilities, methods and procedures are sufficient to carry out the production process of the three bombs.


The P Series bombs are TNT-based bombs that are applied to Sukhoi aircraft with the ability to explode with a shard effect that can destroy buildings, bunker foundations, and moving objects in large areas. In addition, the P Series Bombs are included in the High Drags General Purpose (HDGP) bomb category, which is divided into four main parts such as Noze Fuse Bomb Assembly, Suspension Lugs Bomb, Body Bomb Assembly, and Tail Bomb Assembly.