Industrial technology for military defense in is no more dominated and dependent to overseas suppliers, especially USA and European countries.

Indonesia is now in possession of technological know-how which allows production of a variety of military defense needs that were previously imported. Under the government’s scheme, some potential State-owned Enterprises in support of independent production of major weaponry are synergized with the so called State-owned Enterprises’ Strategic Industries.

One of the enterprises is PT DAHANA (Persero), a government-owned explosive manufacturer that produces military defense apparatus. For this purpose, DAHANA collaborates with a PT Sari Bahari, a national private enterprise located in Malang, which is now developing and engaged in massive production of P 100 Live bombs for domestic military needs. 

According to Heri Heriswan, Director of Engineering and Development of Pengembangan PT DAHANA (Persero), development of P 100 Live for Sukhoi is undertaken in response to the related international embargo. “Related products for Sukhoi aircrafts are domestically manufactured,” said  Heri Heriswan in Malang (05/01/17).

Currently, P 100 Live bombs are produced in fulfilling Indonesia’s Air Force’s needs. However, added Heri Heriswan, export of products is possible. Export potential is widely open, but at the moment we are focusing on responding to the domestic demands and orders,” he concluded. (jjs).