As one of the national vital objects in Indonesia, PT DAHANA (Persero) seeks to strengthen and tighten in anticipation to the long Christmas and New Year holidays. This was conveyed directly by Asep Maskandar as the Corporate Secretary of DAHANA in a security coordination meeting on October 22, 2020.

“This security strengthening is carried out to secure DAHANA’s large area considering that there are consecutive long holidays in connection with Christmas and New Year,” explained Asep Maskandar.

Meanwhile, DAHANA’s Deputy Security Manager Iwan Irawan pointed out that the technical security carried prior to the long Christmas and New Year holidays was in the form of increasing the strength of security personnel from the Indonesian Air Force in collaboration with Suryadarma Kalijati Subang Air Base.

“In addition to DAHANA’s internal security team personnel, we are also assisted by extra members of the Indonesian Air Force who are stationed at every entrance to DAHANA area,” said Iwan.

He continued, apart from more assistance from the Indonesian Air Force, Iwan said there would be more frequent patrols to every corner of the DAHANA area and dissemination information to the people around DAHANA to jointly maintain environmental security.

“We do socialization to the community around DAHANA to make sure hat people are aware of the importance of maintaining security together,” concluded Iwan.