Dahana’s new commissioner, Police Inspector General Drs. H. Wahyudi Hidayat paid his first working visit to Dahana’s Head Office in Subang. The visit on Tuesday, December 22, 2020 served as form of introduction of the company to the new commissioners to get familiar with Dahana’s recent performance.

During his visit, Wahyudi was greeted directly by DAHANA’s Director of Technology & Development Wildan Widarman and Director of Finance & HR Asmorohadi and other DAHANA officials.

Having a police background, Wahyudi admitted that he was no stranger to DAHANA.

“I consider this this visit as my further introduction to DAHANA, because previously when I was in the police I knew about DAHANA,” said Wahyudi.

When doing direct monitoring at the non-electric detonator factory at the DAHANA Ring 1 area, Wahyudi saw the non-electric detonator assembly process firsthand and had the opportunity to carry out a quality test as an honorary blaster.

As a new member of DAHANA’s Board of Commissioners, Wahyudi advised that DAHANA be able to continue to develop and improve the quality of products and services to make sure DAHANA turns into a large, more advanced company.

“DAHANA has a huge potential. There are still so many mining companies that have not used DAHANA’s products or services for their operations, therefore we must be able to improve quality and service to become more modern so that we can compete with DAHANA’s competitors from the overseas,” Wahyudi advised. (rmt)