SUBANG – PT DAHANA held a Social Return On Investment (SROI) Training in anticipation to the 2023 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER). The training was held in the Smart Room of DAHANA’s CAMPUS Subang on Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

The Head of DAHANA’s SER, Eman Suherman said, the 2023 SER KPI includes an indicator for measuring the impact of SER activities using the SROI method, which involves measurement of work units that are in accordance with the program launched by the company’s SERL team.

“Therefore, the SERL Unit took the initiative to invite a Human Initiative consultant as one of the references for DAHANA’s SER SROI calculation method which will be implemented next year,” said Eman.

SROI is a method for measuring impacts, benefits, and values in society that cannot only be valued in money. SROI is considered effective as it can measure and evaluate the program’s impact on stakeholders, so that it can identify ways to improve organizational performance.

Mr Suherman assessed that due to the importance and complexity of the SROI calculation method, this training also involved other work units at DAHANA such as Corporate Services, Energetic Material Center, Corporate Communications and the Internal Control Unit. With the participation of other Company’s stakeholders, Mr Suherman hoped that DAHANA will be able to apply the SROI method to future CSR programs.

“Benefitting from the SROI method which is guided by the costs and benefits from social, economic and environmental aspects, we hope to be able to calculate the impacts generated by DAHANA on SER of the stakeholders, so that that better evaluation can be made to create significant social, economic and environmental programs the future,” said Mr Suherman.

DAHANA’s SER is committed to improving its best service for the community, especially those around the Company. Up to the present time, several programs have been successfully executed such as coaching MSMEs to upgrade classes, provision of health services, to educational assistance to the surrounding community.


Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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