CIANJUR – Srikandi DAHANA represented by Adella Acqha Vico Addina and Ayudia Sasmaya escorted the wife of RI Minister of SOEs (State-owned Enterprises) Elizabeth Thohir during the visit of Srikandi BUMN to the casualties of the Cianjur earthquake in West Java. The handover of aid which was attended by the Indonesian Human Capital Forum, SOEs Srikandi, and Young SOEs took place at three SOEs post points spread across Cianjur, on Monday, December 5 2022.

Miss Addina said said that during her visit, the Minister advised the casualties of the Cianjur earthquake to get through this disaster with steadfastness and patience. The Ministry of SOEs and Srikandi BUMN have always supported the struggle of the Cianjur earthquake survivors to get back on their feet soon.

“Mrs Thohir advised the casualties to remain enthusiastic, steadfast, and also pray that this disaster could be overcome together quickly,” said Mrs Addina.

Miss Addina also explained that the aid provided by SOEs Srikandi was emergency assistance that was urgently needed by survivors of the Cianjur earthquake, such as food, drink, medicine, clothing, cleaning equipment, tents, tarpaulins, mats, mattresses, and various other urgent needs.

She also hoped that all the casualties can get access to the assistance provided by the community and from the big family of the Indonesian Ministry of SOEs, to make sure the aids can reduce the burden suffered by survivors. She also hoped that the unfavourable situation can get better soon, so that survivors can return to living life as before.

“We from SOEs Srikandi, especially from DAHANA, offer our condolences after the disaster that hit the people of Cianjur. It is our hope that this assistance can ease the burden of the survivors and that our friends in the Cianjur community can quickly recover and rise from the current situation,” said Miss Addina.

In this activity, Miss and Miss Sasmaya were assigned to hand over assistance at SOEs Command Post 2 located in Mekarsari along with SOEsS rikandi from PLN, PTPN, INKA, and Bulog.


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