PT DAHANA organized an In-house Training (IHT) Leadership Development Program to improve the capabilities of DAHANA’s middle leaders to support the achievement of DAHANA’s 2023 Work Budget and Plan. The program lasted from 11 to 12 April 2023 in DAHANA’s Smart Room, in Subang.

In his remarks, PT DAHANA’s Director of Finance, Risk Management and HR, Ahyanizzaman said that being a leader (middle management) is a mandate as well as early learning to develop oneself before becoming a higher level leader. It is necessary for a leader to learn more deeply to understand, influence, and lead others.

“Even though this training is held during the fasting month, hopefully it will not fade enthusiasm in this leadership training. Actually, by fasting the mind becomes even better and can be more effective in receiving knowledge, “said Mr Ahyanizzaman.

Mr Ahyanizzaman added that being a leader is not merely being an expert in the related field, section or position; a leader needs skills for leading others to improve his team’s achievements. Therefore, participants will be equipped with several skills that will be guided by trainer Thomas Frinandi.

Among the skills trained in this event are Building Self-Direction, Strengthening People Skills to Gain Cooperation, Increasing Ability to Influence Others, and Critical & Creative Thinking. These four skills are considered very important and imperative for leaders at the middle management level.

Mr Ahyanizzaman hoped that this training improve the leadership skills to achieve the 2023 target, at the same time 25 participants from echelon 4 and 5 can make better bonds with the team to achieve not only the short term but also the long term effect for the company with a solid team based on AKHLAK core values.

“Hopefully this training is beneficial and can equip participants as leaders at the middle management with a level capable of guiding their respective teams to collaborate together to reach better achieve in 2023 targets which should be simply better than the previous year,” concluded Mr Ahyanizzaman.


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Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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