SUBANG – PT DAHANA, as an Indonesian explosives company is now starting to get serious in the loading and hauling business sector. This was stated by SM Legal & Corporate Communication Juli Jajuli at the Media Gathering event with Subang news reporters Saung Ambu, Subang on Wednesday, April 12, 2023.

Mr Jajuli explained that as the mecca of explosives in Indonesia, DAHANA must be able to face competition in the increasingly tight explosives market. One of the Company’s innovations is to expand into the loading and hauling business, which is a continuation chain of drilling and blasting services that can significantly provide great added value.

“DAHANA began to look at a new business space in 2019, namely loading and hauling. At this year’s company work meeting, the management gave the mandate to strengthen the loading and hauling sector. The company hopes that this new business line can provide significant income for DAHANA,” said Mr Jajuli.

Loading and hauling are project terms in both mining and construction, which refer to the activity of loading and transporting materials. Mr Jajuli also explained that the loading and hauling market competition in Indonesia is also very tight. However, under the management capabilities and HR experience, DAHANA is able to compete in this market.

“Several of DAHANA’s projects  the loading and hauling sector include tunnel loading and hauling services at the Pamakkulu Dam Package II tunnel project and excavation, and hauling and material handling services for PLTU Suralaya.

As is known, the world economy is currently not yet recovering from the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war which has yet to show it will end. However, armed with the values of AKHLAK’s Core Values, DAHANA strives to continue to improve itself in all fields, and continue to progress and develop.

“DAHANA also offers integrated logistics solutions to help customers optimize their business efficiency and productivity. Like other markets, DAHANA has prepared itself to enter the tight competition in the loading and hauling business sector. Under the support of top management and the creativity and resilience of employees, we believe that DAHANA will slowly become an important player in this market,” concluded Mr Jajuli.


Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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Mobile: 082111546999