State-Owned Enterprise Minister Rini Soemarno accompanied Vice President Jusuf Kalla to open IBD Expo 2016 at Jakarta Convention Center on September 8, 2016.

Following the opening ceremony, the minister visited the expo booths, one of them was PT DAHANA (Persero)’s, which was located at Hall B of the convention centre. 

The Minister’s booth visit was directly welcome by PT DAHANA (Persero)’s President Director Budi Antono and Commissioner Mustar Bonar Ventura. Budi Antono briefly described DAHANA’s business progress with the help of some related display items at the booth, among others was P 100 LIVE bomb for Sukhoi and F 16 combat aircrafts.  

“DAHANA has acquired government projects for manufacture of  517 units of P 100 Live bomb. The products are manufactured in Subang, East Java,” said Budi.

Budi also reported innovation applied to the bomb carrying trucks which are called Mobile Manufacturing Truck (MMT).  “The truck serves as a mobile manufacturing facility which is capable of operating within the mining area,” added Budi. 

Finally, Budi also explained the national rocket consortium cooperation which produces Rhan 122 Rockets. “Up to the moment, the Rhan 122 Rocket has been tested and proved to have a cruising capability of more than 30 kilometres ,” said Budi

Minister Rini praised Dahana’s good work, saying that the company  had showed excellent advancement. The brief visit was finalized with a photo session at DAHANA booths. 

IBD Expo 2016 was an international business forum and trade exhibition which manifested Indonesia’s business community’s spirit and solidarity especially in term of state-owned enterprises. The event was expected to form both a partnership strategy and acceleration of national economic by means of trade, investment and tourism. Included in the event were exhibition, international conference featuring speakers from Singapore and China’s state-owned enterprise, seminar, declaration of ASEAN News Agency, business meetings, customer gathering, career opportunity exhibition, entertainment, Exhibitor Awards, and pitching of State-owned Enterprise’s Partnership and Environment Coaching Programs.

During the speech, Minister Rini wished that the IBD Expo would be benefitted in an optimum way by the State-Owned Enterprises.

“IBD EXPO 2016 serves as a venue for promotion, interaction, education, negotiation and transaction for business doers and their partners, customers and stakeholders. It is simply a part of building public awareness on achievement, innovation, creativity and role of state-owned enterprises in developing the country,” said Minister Rini M. Soemarno which was also scheduled to give a general speech to the directors and top rank officials of the State-Owned Enterprises during the event. 

The event that took place from September 8 to 11 at the Jakarta Convention Center was also attended by Singapore’s Temasek State-owned Enterprise and China’s State-owned Enterprise.

Speaking at the 2016 IBD Expo, Vice President Jusuf Kalla addressed on issues of the State-Owned Enterprises’ efficiency. “We have the national electricity company, we have the post service and we have everything,” said Vice President Kalla. 

“Competition used to be found between state-owned enterprises and privately-owned enterprises, now it is Indonesia’s State-Owned Enterprises with Singapore and Malaysia’s state-owned enterprises. Competition is now found in all levels, and the winner is efficiency,” concluded Kalla.


Meet and Greet Stage of State-owned Enterprise Public Relations Forum

State-owned Enterprises’ Public Relations Forum (PRF) took part in the 200 IBD Expo. The forum which is umbrella of state-owned enterprise’s public relations department made a Meet and Greet Stage available for events.

In addition to their major event ‘Limitless Public Relations’, the State-Owned Enterprise also presented traditional dances, music bands, vocal groups, games and door prizes.  

State-Owned Enterprises’ PRF chief Ahmad Reza stated that the Meet and Greet Stage was made available as to get the State-Owned Enterprises’ public relations departments closer and for socialization of State-Owned Enterprises’ PRF’ s activities.

“We have a variety of interesting events, ranging from seminar to art performance by the State-Owned Enterprises’ PRF members. It is our hope that this Meet and Greet Stage will make the 2016 IBD Expo even merrier in one hand and serve as a venue for  State-Owned Enterprises’ workers to learning new things in another hand,” said Ahmad Reza.