President Director of PT DAHANA (Persero) Wildan Widarman dismissed Holly Alifiah, the Head of DAHANA’s Internal Audit Unit, who will be on her Pre-retirement Period (MPP). The event, under the title “Paturay Tineung”(farewell) , was held in a simple way on Friday, November 26, 2021 at the Lobby of the Board of Directors Building, Dahana Subang Campus. The Director of Finance, MR and HR Ahyanizzaman, Echelon I and II officials and other Dahana employees were also present.


Mrs Alifiah joined DAHANA on May 1, 1991 where she was assigned in the General Planning Department. After working long in the planning department, Holly also served in other posts such as HR, Corporate Services, Legal & Corporate Communications until finally appointed as Head of the Internal Control Unit (SPI).


In his remarks, Mr Widarman expressed his gratitude for Holly Alifiah’s contribution to DAHANA’s progress while wishing her eternal good health.


“During her tenure,  Mrs. Alifiah has been a hard worker in completing her duties. Hopefully with this Pre-retirement Period, she will be closer to her family and become healthier, “said Wildan Widarman.


Meanwhile, Mrs Alifiah in her speech she was touched by the implementation of this ‘paturay tineung’ event as she has been working for DAHANA for 30 years.


“Thank you for everything. Please forgive me for anything I have done wrong. It is my hope that DAHANA will continue to advance,” said Mrs Alifiah in teary eyes.