In many cases, mobilization of explosives from one place to another has been costly, especially when the project site is located in an area with difficult access, such as crossing rivers and rocks in the interior. To overcome these problems, PT DAHANA (Persero) provides innovations for production of explosives at mining locations in the form of On Site Plants (OSP) and Mobile Manufacturing Trucks (MMT).


According to the Director of Technology & Development of PT DAHANA (Persero), Suhendra Yusuf RPN, Mobile Manufacturing Truck (MMT) is DAHANA’s innovative work to facilitate consumers in the blasting process, both for general mining and quarrying.


“This truck has succeeded in minimizing distribution costs and increasing productivity on site projects owned by consumers,” said Mr Yusuf at Dahana Campus (24/11).


This truck is also known as a mobile explosives mixing facility at the blast site, with the ability to transport and mix the raw materials required to produce explosives that can be directly inserted into the firing holes. Explosives that can be produced by MMT, among others, are Bulk Explosives, Dabex, Danfo, to Dawagel.


From the historical point of view, MMT’s success in the Karimun project has led DAHANA’s High Energy Materials Center (EMC) to expand its capabilities to provide research and engineering of mobile manufacturing units for consumers with capacities from two to 20 tons. During its related research, DAHANA also underwent a series of trials so that the MMT can be operated in various climatic and terrain conditions.


Technically, the loading control system is also adopted into the MMT to increase the effectiveness of MMT operations. Several types and brands of trucks such as SCANIA and VOLVO 4×4 or 6×6 are provided based on customer orders. To date, DAHANA’s EMC has produced 34 MMT units spread across DAHANA’s project sites.


“Prior to its use in the field, DAHANA also provides training for consumers to introduce the various types of equipment available in the MMT, how to operate it, to the maintenance of the MMT to make sure it is always optimal when operated by consumers,” explained Mr Yusuf.


The existence of MMT and various types of innovations in DAHANA’s explosives have brought the state-owned company engaged in the high-energy materials industry to become the mecca of explosives in the country. Up to now, DAHANA is still making various innovations, both in products and services to assure that DAHANA’s products are increasingly trusted by consumers in Indonesia and abroad.