SUBANG – Indonesian President Joko Widodo inaugurated the Sadawarna Dam on December 27, 2022. The dam is located next to DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center. The construction of this dam did not involve any blasting technology the way other large dams did.

The President Director of DAHANA Wildan Widarman revealed the reason behind the absence of blasting work at the Sadawarna Dam which was recently inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia. According to Mr Widarman, blasting is usually applied to speed up the process of construction of a dam which has a rocky soil structure. The geological condition of Sadawarna Dam is characterized by average soft soil structure and therefore soil can be easily removed and transported using an excavator or other heavy equipment.

“DAHANA usually works on dam construction which requires drilling and blasting work on the dam geological structure which has a lot of complex rocks when the use of heavy equipment is not enough, said Mr Widarman at the Dahana Subang Campus.

Mr Widarman added that DAHANA has a good track record in the construction of dams, several national strategic projects in water resources such as the Jatigede Sumedang Dam, the Cipanas Sumedang Dam, the Tugu Dam in Trenggalek, the Pamukkulu Dam in Takalar South Sulawesi, the Leuwikeris Ciamis Dam – Tasikmalaya, tunnels at the North Sumatra Batang Toru hydropower plant and other dams that entrust DAHANA’s services and products in the dam construction process.

Owing to its Total Explosive Solution service, DAHANA is noted as to be able to accelerate the process of building dams, such as those applied to the Pamukkulu Dam where DAHANA was entrusted with working on tunnel construction to tunnel supports.

DAHANA’s explosives which are proven to be reliable and commonly used in dam constructions consist of Dabex, Booster, and Non-Electric Detonators. The choice of explosives can also be adjusted to the contours of the land, water conditions and other factors.

“Another advantage of DAHANA’s services is the On-Site Plant (OSP) technology which can produce explosives at construction sites. Apart from that, DAHANA also has Mobile Manufacturing Truck (MMT) technology which is reliable in producing explosives as well as loading explosives into blasting holes,” explained Mr Widarman.

DAHANA’s blasting technology has been proven to provide the best blasting results and with higher work time and cost efficiencies. DAHANA’s services are also equipped with superior, skilled and proven human resources in the construction of dams.


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Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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