SUBANG – The Indonesian Air Force’s Research and Development Agency (AFRDA) visited PT DAHANA. The visit was to explore opportunities for cooperation in Defense and Security Equipment and Tools (Alpalhankam), especially for Air Force’s needs. The Head of the Air Force Research and Development Agency First Marshal Iwan Agung Djumaeri and his entourage were received by the Vice President of the Energetic Material Center (EMC), Benny Gunawan at the DAHANA Campus, in Subang, on 27 December 2022.

In his remarks, Mr Gunawan said that DAHANA is a company engaged in the high-energy materials industry. Several Defense and Security Equipment Products have also been successfully produced, such as the Bomb P Series which consists of the Bomb P-100 L, Bomb P-250 L, and Bomb P. -500 L which is none other than the result of R&D conducted with the Air Force’s Research and Development Agency. It is expected that next year’s R&D program with AFRDA, namely the Research and Development program for NATO Bomb 250, will be able to take part in the successful the -Series Bomb Program which is ready for mass production in the future.

“There are many things that we expect from the visit of the ARFDA. In  the defense industry, we are supporting the core business of energetic materials, such as composite propellant and others, so that we can do many things with three dimensions, especially for the Air Force, hopefully the cooperation DAHANA and the AFRDA are increasing day by day,” said Mr Gunawan.

This was also welcomed by the Head of the ARFDA, First Marshal Iwan Agung Djumaeri. He said that talking about the military means talking about weapons, and every weapon is inseparable from explosives, and he considered DAHANA as a vital object that has high priority for military needs.

“We want to increase cooperation to build self-sufficiency for meeting the needs of the Defense and Security Defense Forces, especially the Air Defense Systems. Hopefully, when we get better understanding of what DAHANA’s capabilities are, we can increase cooperation,” said Mr Djumaeri.

Mr Djumaeri also added that currently the government has set 7 priorities for the development of defense equipment, one of which is the manufacture of rockets and missiles. Apart from that, the government has also established a DEFEND ID holding to regulate all defense industries which are expected to advance the national defense industry.

As is well known, in April 2022, President Joko Widodo inaugurated the SOEs DEFEND ID holding, which jointly operated by PT Len Industri (Persero) with PT DAHANA, PT PAL Indonesia, PT Dirgantara Indonesia, and PT PINDAD as members. In the DEFEND ID holding, DAHANA is assigned to meet the needs for explosives for the three elements of the Indonesian National Armed Forces.


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