May Day or International Labor Day is an important moment for labor unions and activist groups to voice workers’ rights, highlight labor issues and advocate for better policies for workers. The DAHANA (Sejadah) Workers Union is no exception.

Sejadah Secretary General Herdi Pramayudha said that Sejadah is a member of the Federation of Sovereign Workers’ Unions (FSP Sovereign) which is affiliated with the Confederation of State-Owned Enterprise Workers’ Unions (KSP BUMN). On May Day 2024, the KSP BUMN has conveyed the aspirations of SOEs workers regarding industrial relations to President Joko Widodo.

“There are three demands of SOEs workers on May Day 2024; they are rejection of the red carpet for employees, shortening of the gap in the welfare of SOEs directors and employees, and demand for the protection of SOEs employees and organs from all forms of criminalization,” said Mr Pramayudha.

Herdi also expressed his wish to fellow DAHANA workers to strengthen solidarity among colleagues. Good at fighting for rights, encouraging awareness of rights, and fighting for justice in the workplace, with for the sake of employee welfare and the progress of DAHANA.

“We hope to increase awareness among Dahana people regarding employment issues. This can certainly motivate efforts for positive change, and build a community in the workplace that is oriented towards support and collaboration. This way, social bonds will be established among employees, creating an inclusive and mutually supportive work culture. In the end it will create a positive contribution within the workplace, as well as in efforts to fight for workers’ rights,” said Mr Pramayudha.

As is known, PT DAHANA succeeded in setting a historical profit record in 2023. Mr Pramayudha, representing DAHANA employees, also hoped that the Company can commit to increasing employee remuneration, as a form of the Company’s appreciation and support to employees.

“Our hopes for future benefits include employee welfare. This is also the hope of all employees that the company is committed to improving employee welfare (remuneration). Hopefully DAHANA will always progress and develop through innovation in products, services and work processes, to make sure it can continue to compete in an ever-changing market,” concluded Mr Pramayudha.