Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Darmin Nasution, visited Sukhoi aircraft bomb manufacturer in Malang (05/01/17).

During the two-day multiple visits, Darmin Nasution was accompanied by Minister of Public Works and People’s Housing and Minister of Communications and Informatics. 

Initial visit was made to the Sukhoi aircrafts bomb manufacturer located in Abdul Rachman Saleh Airbase in Malang. The minister and his entourages were welcome by the East Java Governor Sukarwo, President Directo PT Sari Bahari Ricky Hendrik Egam, and Director of Engineering and Development of PT DAHANA (Persero) Heri Heriswan.

The minister and his entourages were engaged in a plant tour and provided with extensive description on Indonesia’s defense industry, especially that of development of bombs for Sukhoi aircrafts. The Minister was happy with the progress of the bomb manufacturing project and he said that it was time that domestic product be sustainably developed. 

“Manufacture of such bombs is good in term of the nation’s non-dependency scheme. Such development is a must,” said the Minister during the plant tour.

So far, Indonesia is one of the developing countries capable of manufacturing bombs for Sukhoi aircrafts following Rusia and Bulgaria. (jjs)