PT DAHANA (Persero) sent Hofland Coffee, one of its fostered partners, to the International coffee exhibition at the World Trade Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This assignment is a sincere appreciation from the explosives company to the 2020 best fostered partners. The exhibition lasted n from 21-25 February 2021.


As a state-owned company, DAHANA has the mandate to implement Creating Shared Value (CSV) or growing with the community. DAHANA has never stopped nurturing all of its efforts in order not only for transformation to be an advanced company, but also for assisting Indonesian citizens, especially the people of Subang to gain better welfare.


Coffee is an industry that is currently on the rise, not only in Indonesia, but also in the international world. The advancement in brewing methods to the detailed notation of coffee flavors has enlivened the coffee market in the global arena. Hofland Coffee with all its experience and driven by strategic SOEs is able to read these opportunities and spreads its wings to the global market.


While DAHANA is a trademark for Subang in terms of  SOE sector, then Hofland is a trademark for Subang in term of  coffee. Eman Suherman, Head of DAHANA’s Partnership and Community Development Program (PKBL), said that this program comes as a DAHANA’s commitment to encourage local products to penetrate the global market.


“It is our hope that our partners, in this case Hofland will be able to expand the network with their stakeholders and increase their business competitiveness in business management. By involving in international exhibitions, Hofland will get the latest information from fellow exhibitors and international visitors,” said Eman Suherman at the Dahana Campus (24/02).


DAHANA’s Partnership and Community Development Program is known as a unit which continuously supports and encourages partners wholeheartedly. Not merely in provision of venture capital, the Partnership and Community Development  and CPKBL also organize intense mentoring programs to provide its partners with a global market knowledge. (yz)