PT DAHANA (Persero) ‘s Energetic Material Center is well known for its ability to create effective, efficient, and price competitive high energy products. One of the explosive products applicable in various terrains and soil contours is the Dayaprime Booster.


DAHANA’s Dayaprime Booster is an explosive booster commonly used in mining or quarry activities. The capability of these types of explosives to break down mining materials provides consumer satisfaction in support to the achievement of the company’s targets.


“Its highly excellent ability has won the hearts of mining companies such as Adaro, Berau Coal, and other large mining companies,” said Benny Gunawan, Head of the Dahana Energetic Materials Center at the Dahana Campus (05/03).


DAHANA  has produced Dayaprime Booster in two packages, namely the 400 grams in bright green color, and 200 grams in bright orange color. Currently, innovations are continuously being made to produce booster products in different sizes and functions. In the hands of DAHANA’s engineers, dynamite with  attractively colorful appearance can substitute various other types of commercial explosives.


During the mining blasting process, the Dayaprime Booster is inserted into a 5,5 inch hole in a certain depth. Normally the process for explosive planting is carried out in many holes for one blasting process. Previously, Danfo and Dabex were inserted into blast holes  adjusted to the conditions of the blasting field.


The explosives engineers at the Energetic Material Center created the Dayaprime Booster to be a high-powered yet easy-to-use explosive with both an electric detonator and a non-electric detonator. Another very important advantage is the fact that Dayaprime Booster to is able to initiate perfect blasting for all types of blasting including sleep blasting in water up to a depth of 40 meters (at 4 bar pressure).


To assurance easy use for consumers, DAHANA also provides Total Explosives Solution services. “In addition to  the Dayaprime Booster product, consumers also get integrated blasting services with reliable and experienced blasting technicians. This way the customers can get lower blasting costs without sacrificing the quality of the desired results,” concluded Benny Gunawan. (yz)