PT DAHANA (Persero) is an Indonesia’ state-owned company that produces explosives Serving as a high-energy material processing company, PT DAHANA (Persero) applies the green building concept to the Central Management Office or what is commonly known as the DAHANA Campus to eliminate the eerie impression in the eyes of the public.


Carrying out the green building concept, DAHANA Campus is designed in such a way as to present an office environment that is green, beautiful, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and far from looking creepy.


The office building consists of five symmetrical structures, each with living grass roofs. In the middle section of the complex, there is a structure that functions as an auditorium and a prayer room which is designed with a metal mesh around it serving as an earthquake-proofing support.


You can immediately feel the energy-efficient building impression when you set foot in the main lobby of the Dahana Campus. The building lighting system allows maximum direct sunlight exposure coming through the large glass frames. Even at night, the lights at some rooms can automatically be switched on by means a body temperature sensor.


Meanwhile, the office yard consists of a parking lot and a garden decorated with various types of colorful ornamental plants and green grass  to give the impression of a dazzling and environmentally friendly space.


“When viewed from a distance, DAHANA office building looks like the Teletubbies hill where the Teletubbies characters play in the children’s show. “No wonder many people call this iconic building “Teletubbies Building”, “said Juli Jajuli, DAHANA’s Public Relations and Institutional Manager, smiling (15/02).


Thanks to its unique, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building design, the DAHANA Campus has received awards from related various parties, one of which is 1st place in the Energy Saving Building category for SOEs Buildings in the 2012 National Energy Efficiency Award, 3rd Place in the Energy Saving Building category in the 2013 Asean Energy Award, and the Institutional Architecture Energetic Material Center Award in FutureArc Green Leadership in 2013.


The DAHANA campus is situated in the Energetic Material Center area of ​​DAHANA, on Jl. Raya Subang – Cikamurang Km 12, Cibogo, Subang, West Java. (rmt)