DAHANA Football Club (DFC) played a futsal Friendly Match with the Indonesian National Police Headquarters Service Unit (Yanmas Mabes Polri FC). The match took place at Cilandak Sport Center, on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

Teja Sukmara, a member of the DAHANA Futsal team, said that the futsal fun match was held in order to strengthen the relations between DAHANA and the National Police’s Yanmas unit, as well as efforts to maintain physical fitness and instill a spirit of sportsmanship between the two institutions.

“It was an exciting game, and a lot of goals were scored. Although DAHANA only won narrowly, this was a fun match and not a competition, so it was filled with joy of each player. What is important from this match is the friendship and strengthening of good relations with the stakeholders,” said Mr Sukmara.

Mr Sukmara also explained that DAHANA sent 15 players to compete, and almost all of them scored goals, and vice versa from Yanmas Polri FC team. Futsal is currently not only about a football match on a small field, but also a way to build collaboration and strengthen relations.

For DAHANA, a company engaged in the explosives industry, good relations with the National Police carries a very strategic value, both in securing the National Vital Objects owned by DAHANA, securing distribution channels, and in terms of explosives licensing process. Almost all of DAHANA’s business processes involve the police.

Teja added that DAHANA, particularly at present, is developing into a more advanced company by joining the SOEs Holding DEFEND ID in which the Company does not only focus on commercial explosives, but is also involved in innovation of defense products.

“Hopefully these activities can be regularly carried out by DAHANA, (playing) not only with the Police, but with other stakeholders so that it can strengthen DAHANA’s relationship with other stakeholders, and ultimately bring its own benefits to the company,” concluded Mr Sukmara.

Information :

Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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