SUBANG – Amidst President Jokowi’s criticism of the extensive use of imported products in the country, PT DAHANA has again exported Cartridge Emulsion explosives to Australia. The export is an effort to increase DAHANA’s role as part of the global supply chain. The departure of DAHANA’s explosives to Australia was witnesses directly by PT DAHANA’s President Director Wildan Widarman, at DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) Export Cargo Container Facility  on Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

In his remarks, Mr Widarman said that the Emulsion Cartridge produced by DAHANA has gained widespread trust in the Australian explosives industry. In line with the increasing overseas demand for explosives, DAHANA hoped to help increase the country’s foreign exchange and assist the national economic recovery process.

“We, the the board of directors, thank DAHANA’s people  for their work in making sure that DAHANA’s products again get the Australian customers’ trust,” said Mr Widarman.

The export of explosives has proven that DAHANA’s business continues to grow amidst the pandemic and the current heated world condition. Mr Widarman  wished that, in the future, not only Cartridge Emulsion products will be exported, but DAHANA’s other superior explosives can compete in the global market.

“This fifth shipment proves that DAHANA can compete in the global explosives market, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, hopefully in the future DAHANA’s explosive products can also compete in a wider market,” said Mr Widarman.

Meanwhile, according to PT DAHANA’s Director of Operations, Bambang Agung, the 250 tons of DAHANA’s Cartridge Emulsion Explosives was shipped to Australia via the Tanjung Priok International Port. After that, DAHANA’s explosives will be distributed to explosives warehouses owned by DAHANA’s partner, Johnex Explosive. In Australia, DAHANA’s explosives will be used in the underground mineral mining sector.

The shipment of explosives to Australia has gone through strict quality control standards by QC from Johnex Explosive. The packaging, stacking, palleting, wrapping and storing processes have also been carried out very carefully, including the cleaning and washing of containers and fumigation at the end of the preparation stage according to Australian standards. Thus, the quality is in accordance with the needs and prevailing regulations with the end users in Australia.

According to Mr Agung, the advantages of DAHANA’s Cartridge Emulsion Cartridge-based explosives lies in its very high quality standards, with which the products are manufactured using the best raw materials, very precise production processes and high quality control.

“This way DAHANA’s explosives are capable and proven to be able to compete with similar products in the Australian market, especially Cartridge Emulsion Explosives, both in terms of quality consistency and economic price in the Australian market,” said Mr Agung.

As is known, PT DAHANA is a member of Holding DEFEND ID which is engaged in the commercial and defense explosives industry. Within the commercial sector, DAHANA provides blasting products and services in general mining, quarrying and construction as well as oil and gas. DAHANA’s business lines include explosives manufacturing, drilling and blasting services, related services, and defense related explosives.