Participants of the First Class Blasting Course (KJL) PPSDM of Geominerba visited PT DAHANA in order to increase and expand their knowledge about explosives. The group of participants led by First Expert Instructor Zanescaya Wirasangka was warmly received by Acting VP of DAHANA Energetic Material Center Dadan Munawar at the DAHANA Campus, Subang, on Thursday, June 6, 2024.

In his remarks, Mr Munawar said that the PT DAHANA Energetic Material Center Area is an integrated area dedicated for research, development and production of commercial and military explosives. It also includes a blasting quality test area that functions as a learning facility.

“Here, we have various explosive facilities: factories, test sites, Bonded Logistics Centers, offices, meeting halls and so on. DAHANA’s explosives facility can be said to be the most complete explosives facility in Southeast Asia,” said Mr Munawar.

DAHANA operates in various sectors, both in the mining, quarry & construction, to oil and gas, and military. In each of its operations, DAHANA is supported by a various of high-quality explosives adjusted to the requited field conditions.

In addition, DAHANA offers Total Explosive Solutions or integrated explosives services that can save consumer expenses. This service consists of explosives supply, handling, distribution, licensing, warehousing, drilling & blasting, loading & hauling, and destruction of explosives.

Owing to its superior explosives with skilled and experienced workforce, PT DAHANA has gained widespread trust from both domestic and foreign consumers.

Meanwhile, representing the PPSDM Geominerba, Mr Wirasangka said that PT DAHANA is a mandatory destination for the Blasting course participants as every year PPSDM always conducts visits or field practices to PT DAHANA. This year, 15 First Class blasters from 10 companies participated.

“I would like to thank PT DAHANA for welcoming us, for the First Class Explosives Course field practice activity, here there are 15 participants from 10 companies. Every year we make a visit here. Hopefully, the participants can take knowledge from PT DAHANA regarding its explosives products,” said Mr Wirasangka, S.T, First Expert Instructor of PPSDM Minerba.

After receiving a presentation in class, the participants then had the opportunity to visit the EMC DAHANA area, and see firsthand the production process and explosives facilities owned by the Indonesian explosives mecca company.