DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Unit supplied the 3rd month of Supplemental Food assistance to KEK (Chronic Energy Deficit) toddlers in Subang Regency. This activity is part of the Healthy Village program initiated by the SER unit. The aid was handed over by SER Unit Chair Eman Suherman to the Cibogo District Health Center, Subang, Tuesday, May 28, 2024.

Mr Suherman said that the Healthy Village program is a manifestation of the Company’s commitment to implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Company’s efforts to develop and progress together with the surrounding community.

“Stunting is a big problem now faced by Indonesia. We share the same dream about a Golden Indonesia 2045. To make it happen, we need a generation which is both physically and cognitively healthy. As we know, stunting is the cause of slow child development. Therefore, the Company really cares about the issue of stunting eradication,” said Mr Suherman.

DAHANA, in this activity, also collaborated with the Cibogo District Health Center as a form of implementation of one of the AKHLAK Core Values, namely Collaboration. Mr Suherman added the problem of stunting is highly urgent and therefore collaboration from various parties is required.

As an Indonesian explosives mecca company operating in Subang, DAHANA has been involved in eradicating stunting in recent years, such as by holding a zero stunting campaign and providing additional food for toddlers who experience KEK (Chronic Energy Deficiency).

In its report, the Subang Regency Regional Development Planning, Research and Development Agency (BP4D) noted that there were 1,520 babies under five years old who were categorized as stunting. This is the focus of the Subang Regency Government.

In a separate place, Acting Regent of Subang attended the Stunting Consultation under the theme of ‘Subang Ngahiji Towards Zero Stunting’ at the Subang Regional Government Hall, Tuesday 28 May 2024. In his speech, he emphasized the target of the stunting problem which must be resolved immediately until there are zero cases.

“The most important thing is not the distribution of activities but the focus of activities that can resolve stunting,” said the Regent.