In order to better fight Covid-19 Omicron variant a success, PT DAHANA in collaboration with the Subang Police, gave free vaccinations for all employees located at Bale DAHANA Subang on Tuesday, March 15, 2022.


DAHANA’s Corporate Secretary, Bayu Anggoro said that DAHANA has previously reached 90% and is currently boosting to close to 100% for all employees, especially those in the Subang Central Management Office.


“DAHANA has anticipated that 90% of DAHANA’s employees will receive a booster jab, followed by the optimization of today’s vaccination. In the event that some are unable to make it today, there will still be a session for  independent boosters. We also continue to campaign for the use of masks and comply with health protocols in the work area, as well as outside DAHANA,” said Mr Anggoro.


The chief of PT DAHANA’s Covid-19 Task Force also explained that booster vaccination was carried out in accordance with the Circular Letter of the Indonesian Ministry of Health through the Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Control Number HK. 02.02/II/252/2022 on booster for Covid-19 vaccination.


“The booster vaccination serves as DAHANA’s endeavor to assist the government in increasing herd immunity as well as a form of the Company concern for employees. Currently, we are also still implementing strict health protocols, and continuing to carry out Work From Home (WFH) and Work From Office (WFO),” said Mr Anggoro.


As per data released by the Information & Coordination Center of West Java Province (Pikobar), Subang Regency has recorded 13,727 confirmed cases, with 1,329 active cases as of March 14, 2022. This has  raised the Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) to level three.


Meanwhile, according to the Head of  Subang Police Community Order Control, Second Inspector Taryono, vaccinations in Subang are still relatively low. Subang Police together with Subang Health Workers continue to work harder to speed up the vaccination process in their working areas, either by providing free vaccine services at the Regental Police, or by visiting various agencies.


“Hopefully, the general public of Indonesia, especially the people of Subang, will soon be free from the corona virus,” Mr Taryono hoped.