PT DAHANA organized a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) under the theme of “Implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in Corporate Management”. This event, which was opened by the President Director of DAHANA Wildan Widarman, was held in a hybrid manner at the DAHANA Subang Campus Education and Training Building, and through a zoom meeting on Wednesday, May 16, 2023.

In his opening remarks at the FGD, Mr Widarman stated that the FGD is mainly intended to increase awareness on and equalize understanding of GCG implementation in corporate management at PT DAHANA. For the event, DAHANA invited Randy Rizki as a guest speaker who discussed the concept of and implications of GCG and special aspects related to state and company losses.

“The material presented is very relevant to the current conditions. Given the several legal cases that encountering State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), GCG practices are very important as a safety device and guide to prevent possible abuse,” said Mr Widarman.

In addition to that, the FGD will also discuss the concept of Fiduciary Duty and its relation to risk mitigation in actions or transactions carried out by every company official at all management levels. Another discussion topic included operational and investment transaction decisions that can result in losses due to negligence, improper planning and operational errors in the event of not fulfilling Fiduciary Duty.

Mr WIdarman hoped that DAHANA’s GCG FGD participants can take advantage of this valuable opportunity to gain new knowledge and share best practices related to GCG implementation from the presenters. PT DAHANA today’s GCG FGD event was expected to provide significant benefits in efforts to improve GCG practices at PT DAHANA.

“We hope that by means of this FGD, the application of GCG practices within PT DAHANA can be further improved. We also inform you that currently the company is undergoing a GCG assessment process for year 2022. Support from all employees is expected to consistently implement consistently and achieve a GCG score that is in line with the target,” concluded Mr Widarman.

PT DAHANA’s GCG FGD event is the Company’s to increase awareness and implementation of GCG as an important part of professional and responsible corporate management. Owing to high awareness on the importance of, it is hoped that PT DAHANA can be an exemplary company in good corporate governance in corporations.

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