Indonesian MSME Digital Market (PaDi) visited PT DAHANA. The visit was intended to enhance cooperation with the Indonesian explosives mecca company. PaDi team was welcome by SM Corporate Services Ogi Nugraha at the DAHANA Campus, Subang, Wednesday, 10 May 2023.

Angga Respati representing PaDi said that PaDi made visits to various SOEs in order to witness developments in the operation of PaDi MSME as a platform for procuring goods/services for SOEs throughout Indonesia. He also revealed that he was assigned by PaDi to assist DAHANA in operating DAHANA’s PaDi.

“We are here to socialize the new provisions in the PaDI application and encourage PT DAHANA to optimally utilize the PaDI application for purchase transactions for the company needs,” said Mr Respati.

Meanwhile Mr Nugraha said that the PaDi’s presence is very helpful for DAHANA’s fostered partners, as currently SOEs are prioritizing shopping at PaDi for MSME and Cooperative products. Apart from that,  PaDi’s marketing reach is spread throughout Indonesia.

“MSME products can be absorbed by SOEs by making the shopping through the PaDi application to help MSMEs increase their turnover in one hand, and the SOEs could get products easily on the other hand, because they are located close to companies and with competitive prices. This makes it easier for SOEs to move the wheels of the economy of the community around the company,” said Mr Nugraha.

Previously, PT DAHANA had made it into the top three in the Business Matching of SOEs-MSME of West Java Region through the Digital Market application (PaDi). During the event, SOEs in West Java conducted business matching with West Java MSMEs with a transaction value of up to Rp 238 million, of which DAHANA contributed Rp 38 million and ranked the second position of SOEs with the most transactions.

This regular visit by the PaDi MSME team is a proof that that PT DAHANA is not only focused on developing the defense industry, but is also ware of the development of MSME’s  in Indonesia. It is through PaDi’s support that PT DAHANA hopes to help encourage the economic growth of MSMEs and improve the welfare of the community around the company.

“Hopefully with this visit, the PaDi team can accelerate DAHANA’s MSMEs partners to make sure they can get much better turnover, be more advanced and contribute more to the country’s economic growth,” concluded Mr Nugraha.


Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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