TAWAZUN and LAHAB (part of the EDGE Group) are exploring possibility for defense industry cooperation with Indonesian explosives qibla company PT DAHANA. This was revealed during the EDGE Group visit to the DAHANA Campus, Subang Regency, on Wednesday, June 14 2023.

DAHANA’s Director of Technology and Development, Suhendra Yusuf RPN enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of the delegates from the 2 agencies from the United Arab Emirates. According to Mr Yusuf, the EDGE Group’s visit is the first step to build a mutually beneficial partnership between the two companies.

“We, on behalf of all DAHANA people, would like to thank you for the presence of the delegation from EDGE Group. Hopefully this meeting will be a good start for cooperation that will provide great benefits for both parties and even the two countries,” said Mr Yusuf.

Mr Yusuf added that within an increasingly connected world, establishing wider cooperation is very important for company growth and innovation. For example, the EDGE Group is exploring cooperation in the development of TNT and Spherical Powder Propellant.

The visit was a follow-up to the collaboration between the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia and the Ministry of Defense of the UAE and the MOU between DAHANA and LAHAB which was signed at the end of 2022.

Self-reliance in the development of propellant industry is a mandate stipulated in Presidential Decree No. 8/2021 on the General Policy for National Defense for 2020-2024. Mr Yusuf emphasized that the visit the EDGE Group did not rule out the possibility of other collaborations outside of the development of TNT and Spherical Powder Propellant.

“We thank the delegates for this very valuable visit. PT DAHANA is ready to take steps towards a strong and sustainable partnership with TAWAZUN and LAHAB to achieve glorious achievements in the defense industry,” concluded Mr Yusuf.

During the event which was also witnessed by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs envoy and DEFEND ID Holding representatives, the delegates had the opportunity to visit the explosives facilities owned by the Energetic Material Center and interact with superior talents of DAHANA’s people who were very enthusiastic about exchanging knowledge and experience.