The Mining Inspector Team from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) conducted a monitoring visit for PT DAHANA’s Mining Service Business License (IUJP). In accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Number 5 of 2021, the monitoring was performed are using a risk-based approach to evaluate permits and mining business prospects. The monitoring took place at the DAHANA Subang Campus, on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

In his remarks, PT DAHANA’s Director of Operations, Yusep Nugraha, expressed his appreciation for the support provided by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in developing the mining business. In spite of the underlying challenges from competition with other companies, PT DAHANA recorded a relatively good performance in the previous year. Mr Nugraha also highlighted the importance of diversifying the mining business to deal with the contraction in the mining services industry and increase competitiveness.

Monitoring of IUJP is also an opportunity for PT DAHANA to provide input on the development of mining services and future prospects. This will assist the government in formulating policies which support the growth of the mining sector in Indonesia.

“We hope for support and guidance from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources for development of the loading-hauling sector and underground support. PT DAHANA seeks to expand its business and improve the competence of its Human Resources (HR) in order to contribute to the general mining and construction quarry sectors. This company is also trying to get projects from ministries, SOEs, and other private companies,” said Mr Nugraha.

Mr Nugraha added that PT DAHANA, as a SOE involved in the defense industry, still has responsibility in the mining sector. During the supervision, Yusep hoped to get some input from the ESDM team to PT DAHANA with regards to the ongoing mining service operations and future prospects.

“This monitoring is expected to support the development of mining services and contribute to PT DAHANA,” hoped Mr Nugraha.

During the monitoring visit, a team of Mine Inspectors from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources provided guidance and supervision at PT DAHANA’s Head Office in Subang. They focused on evaluation of PT DAHANA’s IUJP, and outlook of at the company’s overall operations, including interactions with experts and related regulatory updates. The team hoped that this activity will run smoothly and will end with making minutes as a result of the monitoring visit.

“We have interacted with DAHANA, especially on project sites, and this is our first visit to the head office. So far we have seen DAHANA site by site, now we wish to see DAHANA as a whole, and conduct interviews with experts to see what the updated regulations are like,” said Mr Nur Ilham who represents the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources team.

The ESDM IUJP monitoring visit demonstrated the government’s commitment to ensuring compliance and the development of the mining sector in Indonesia. PT DAHANA is also expected to continue to grow and make a positive contribution to the mining industry in Indonesia.

The government, through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, continues to create a conducive investment climate for the mining sector in Indonesia. Supervision is one step in maintaining the sustainability and growth of the mining industry. Under cooperation between the government and mining companies, this sector can be expected to continue to contribute to national economic development.