On Saturday, 12 May 2018, PT DAHANA (Persero)’s President Commissioner Hadiyan Sumintaatmaja personally monitored DAHANA’s site project at Tanjung Balai, Karimun, Kepulauan Riau.

Hadiyan, who is also Secretary General of Defense Ministry, Republic of Indonesia, was accompanied by other commissioners and Director of Operation Bambang Agung. The President Commissioner’s visit to Tanjung Balai was intended to monitor of DAHANA’s site project from the Quarry and Construction Division (DKK) at PT Karimun Granite.

During the visit, Hadiyan saw the On Site Plant (OSP) which produces Dabex explosives and directly witnessed DAHANA’s employee preparing the blasting process.

DAHANA’s business in PT Karimun Granite project includes preparation of explosives for namely accessories and emulsion or Dabex granite mining quarry. Unang Harun, an officer at Dahana Site in Karimum said DAHANA also serves Down the Hole (DTH) service at the site.

Unang also said that the site activities are backed up by On Site Plant (OSP), 2 units of Mobile Manufacturing Truck (MMT), and 21 divers. During the visit, the divers were making preparation for the blasting.

“We are working on 45 DTH’s with the depth of 15 meters, diameter of 4.5 inches. We are using non-electric surface accessories with 400 gram IHD primary booster for 6.5 tons of emulsion blend. The blasting is not performed by DAHANA,” explained Unang to Dfile.

The entourage to the site left a special impression to the employees working on the sire. “We are happy with the visit of the President Commissioner. It is such a rare occasion. It does not happen in other sites. The visit really motivates us and grows our spirit to perform well; serving the nation better,” said Unang.

Meanwhile the President Commissioner said that we were grateful for the fact that the country is now in the process of developing. “We are such a big country; we need the technology for the national development. DAHANA gets the national trust in terms of mining and has been a state-owned enterprise that brings profit,” said Hadiyan.

The site visit was meant to see how Dahana operates on the site project; this enables the commissioners to give better direction and supervision for the sake of state-owned enterprises advancement.

“Work well. Keep on what has been done by DAHANA. There is an increased demand of explosives which means a possible increase of profit and bonus,” the President Commissioner told the employees.(*/Sya)