Subang – Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto paid a work visit to the Energetic Material Center area of ​​PT Dahana (Persero) in Subang, West Java, Monday (1/11) to check the readiness of the defense industry, especially propellant,  at PT Dahana.


In his remarks, Defense Minister Prabowo emphasized that the independence of the defense industry is very important in realizing a strong, advanced and independent national defense system.


A strong industry is expected to provide a multiplier effect on both economic development and technological mastery for the Indonesian people.


“The independence of the defense industry is also expected to realize a shift in understanding from defense spending to defense investment,” said Defense Minister Prabowo.


Defense Minister Prabowo also reminded PT Dahana to always perform the best work for the nation in order to bring the domestic defense industry forward.


Currently, PT Dahana is innovating in all its business lines, including the propellant industry which will later become the raw material for Small Caliber Munitions and Large Caliber Munitions for defense and security stakeholders.


Propellant is a bullet or rocket propulsion material, which is the major component of munitions for Small Caliber Munitions (MKK) and Large Caliber Munitions (MKB), as well as rocket fuel. So far, domestic supplies have been imported from abroad and therefore it burdens the country’s foreign exchange and is prone to embargoes.


The Government through Presidential Regulation no. 8 of 2021 concerning the General Policy of National Defense for 2020-2024 states that one of the key technological mastery targets for the 2020-2024 priority program is propellant.


The construction of the propellant plant is expected to create the independence of the upstream national defense industry, create a deterrent effect, a multiplier effect, guarantee the supply of munitions and import substitution.


President Director of PT Dahana (Persero) Wildan Widarman explained that the development of the propellant industry has been running well. The first phase has been initiated by the Ministry of Defense by building a Nitroglycerin Plant, an Acid Plant and Supporting Facilities for the Propellant Industry such as Electrical Transformer Substations, Water Treatment Plants, Laboratories and Ballistic Test Facilities.


“Together with the Ministry of Defense’s board for research and development, , currently we are proceeding to the construction stage of the Spherical Powder Factory, so that Indonesia can be independent and have a vibrating effect in the regional area,” said Mr Widarman.


While at PT Dahana, Defense Minister Prabowo also conducted a plant tour to Dahana’s production facilities, one of which was the Nitroglycerin Factory built by the Ministry of Defense.


“Through this work visit of the Minister of Defense, it is hoped that the Ministry of Defense will be able to further strengthen the commitment of the Ministry of Defense in empowering domestic industries to strengthen national defense,” said Mr Widarman. (Public Relations Bureau of the Secretariat General of the Ministry of Defense/Public Relations of Dahana)