The management of PT DAHANA (Persero) officially appointed Bayu Anggoro as the new Corporate Secretary. The appointment was marked by a copy of the Board of Directors’ Decree which submitted directly by President Director Wildan Widarman to Bayu Anggoro on Friday, October 29, 2021 at the Dahana Campus Education and Training Building.


During the simple event in the Smart Room of Dahana Campus, Mr Widarman advised to maintain conducive internal communication and oversee the implementation of good corporate governance.


“Apart from that, the program for internalizing the core values ​​of SOEs’ AKHLAK must also be further improved,” said Mr Widarman.


Meanwhile, Mr Anggoro in his speech expressed his gratitude for the trust given by Dahana Management to him.


“Thank you for your trust, and I ask for support from both the Board of Directors and the Corporate Secretariat Team,” said Mr Anggoro.


Mr Anggoro he has served as Acting Corporate Secretary since August 2021 after the pass away of former official Rina Erita.  Bayu’s last position was Senior Manager of Legal and Corporate Communications. In his position as Corporate Secretary starting November 1, 2021, Mr Anggoro is in charge of HR & Organizational Development, Legal and Corporate Communications, Corporate Services, and Social & Environmental Responsibility.