Subang – Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Collaboration of SOE Defense Industry Holding held DEFEND ID GO GREEN by planting palm trees which was as commemoration of DEFEND ID’s first anniversary, in Cibeusi Village, Subang Regency, on March 2, 2023.

DAHANA’s Director of Technology and Development, Suhendra Yusuf RPN, representing DEFEND ID’s Board of Directors said that environmental preservation and advancement of the community are mandatory from the Ministry of SOEs to DEFEND ID.

“DEFEND ID is currently having its first anniversary; the defense industry holding SER is carrying out a program to plant palm trees and provide assistance to MSEs in Cibeusi village, Ciater, Subang Regency. We hope this program can bring benefits to the environment and the community’s economy,” Mr Yusuf said.

Meanwhile, SER Deputy Assistant of the Ministry of BUMN, Hendra Budi Gunawan expressed the appreciation from the Minister of SOEs Erick Thohir to DEFEND ID which has deep concerns in about the environment and improving the community’s economy. Minister Erick reminds that SOEs should not serve as companies that advance alone, rather, progress and develop with the Indonesian people, especially the communities around the companies.

Company officials and regional government officials along with the DEFEND ID millennials then carried out a symbolic handover of assistance, followed by tree planting and a visit to Cibeusi SME which is engaged in palm sugar production.

The Regent of Subang, H. Ruhimat, represented by the Head of the Subang District Environmental Office, H. Hidayat, also expressed his gratitude to DEFEND ID, who really cares about Subang Regency, both in environmental preservation and in fostering SMEs in Subang Regency. Planting sugar palm is considered to be very strategic. Upon wider entry of sugar palm into the culinary restaurant industry, currently the demand for sugar palm is very high. He also appreciated the DEFEND ID’s SER team who are thought to be excellent at finding business opportunities.

“In our records, DEFEND ID has carried out reforestation on the north coast of Subang by planting mangroves, then in the central Subang by planting productive trees. Now, DEFEND ID is planting palm trees in Subang tourism village of Cibeusi. Thank God, the collaboration between Pentahelix and DEFEND ID has brought its own blessings to Subang,” said Mr Hidayat.


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