The Indonesian Defense Industry Holding officially opened the DEFEND ID Cup 2023. The games are the part of the DEFEND ID First Anniversary series. The event was opened by Committee Chairman Suhendra Yusuf RPN at Bale DAHANA in Subang, on Thursday, March 2, 2023.

In his remarks Mr Yusuf said that all members of DEFEND ID would take part in seven matches,  namely Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Mini Soccer, Shooting, Chess, and Rising Star. He also pointed out that the purpose DEFEND ID Cup is to strengthen collaboration among the companies towards better performance. Meanwhile, for the closing there will be a peak event held at PT Len Industri (Persero) as the main holding.

“Welcome to all participants who will compete in DAHANA’s Bale. It is an honor for us to be trusted to host DEFEND ID’s first anniversary, and I myself am entrusted to be the head of the committee. Have a great time competing. Uphold sportsmanship, and the most important thing is that we build collaborations for better DEFEND ID performance,” said Mr Yusuf.

Mr Yusuf added that the Defense Industry Holding DEFEND ID takes a different form of other SOEs holdings which consist of companies with the same business entity, while DEFEND ID consists of companies with different business entities.

The birth of DEFEND ID on March 2, 2022 was marked by the submission of the Establishment Deed from the Ministry of SOEs to PT Len Industri (Persero) as the main holding company at the Office of the Ministry of SOEs. DEFEND ID itself is a member company consisting of PT PINDAD, PT PAL Indonesia, PT Dirgantara Indonesia, and PT DAHANA.

During its first year, DEFEND ID has completed many things, such as building new factories, innovating defense technology, and expanding its market by participating in various international scale defense industry exhibitions.

The formation of the DEFEND ID Holding is expected to be a drive for the independence of the national Defense and Security Equipment Tool (Alpalhankam), leveraging Indonesia to become one of the important players in the supply chain of the world’s defense industry, and into the ranks of the Top 50 Global Defense Companies.


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Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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