HANOI – DEFEND ID holding exhibited its innovative products at the Vietnam International Defence Expo 2022. DEFEND ID was part of the Indonesian delegates led by the Indonesian Ministry of Defence. The activity organized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Defence was held at Gia Lâm Airport in Hanoi, Vietnam, from 8 to10 December 2022.

DEFEND ID consists of PT Len Industri (Persero), PT DAHANA, PT PINDAD, PT Dirgantara Indonesia, and PT PAL Indonesia. To this exhibition, PT DAHANA sent the Quarry and Construction Division Support Senior Manager Fitri Susanti with Widya Faradila Omegawati, Superintendent of Detonator Production Operations.

“The purpose of DEFEND ID’s participation in this exhibition is to introduce and market the latest innovative products from DEFEND ID to representatives of the Ministry of Defence from various countries participating in this exhibition,” said Miss Susanti.

She added that DEFEND ID was not only here to strengthen and realize the independence of the national Defence and Security Equipment Tool (Alpalhankam), but also as part of the global defence industry supply chain.

In addition to defence sector, DAHANA endeavoured to explore the commercial explosives market both for its products and services considering that Vietnam is a fast-growing country that has become an important player in the global economy. Vietnam’s efforts to increase coal production for the construction of power plants can be a prospect for DAHANA to market products and services in this country.

“In addition to marketing DAHANA’s products, we also learned about production independence in the Defence and Security industry in this country which made the visit to Vietnam a valuable experience,” said Miss Susanti.

Inaugurated by Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo on April 20, 2022, DEFEND ID is committed to being included in the top 50 companies in the world’s defence industry. DEFEND ID has carried out various kinds of activities to achieve this goal both in collaboration and technology transfer with defence industry companies in the world, as well as participating in defence industry exhibitions at home and abroad.

DEFEND ID has successfully produced an array of defence products. For example, Len Industri, which has succeeded in making radar, intercom, E-Tactical Bike to the Combat Management System. PT Dirgantara Indonesia, which owns the N219 Amphibious aircraft and various other types of aircraft manufactured in Bandung, including the CN235-220, NC212i, UAV MALE “Elang Hitam”, as well as the KFX/IFX helicopter and fighter collaboration products. PTDI also succeeded in making the N219 and CN235 FTB aircraft.

Meanwhile, within the marine sector, PT PAL Indonesia has succeeded in building various types of warships, starting from the LPD 163M, the new generation KCR, Hospital Ships, Missile Escort Destroyers, Frigates, to Autonomous Submarines. From land  sector, PT Pindad offers weapons & ammunition products ranging from SS2-V5 A1, SS Amphibious to the “Pasupati” weapon simulator. PT Pindad has also created various combat vehicles, namely the Tiger Medium Tank, the 6×6 Rhino to the Maung tactical vehicle.

And finally, PT DAHANA comes with a variety of energetic material products such as rockets and launch vehicles, fighter bombs, anti-tank weapons, Manpads, and a smart drone called RAJATA.

“Hopefully, with DEFEND ID’s participation in the Vietnam International Defence Expo 2022, DEFEND ID can be recognized and trusted as capable of supplying other countries’ needs for defence apparatus support. In addition to that, through this activity, DEFEND ID had the opportunity of exploring collaboration or seeking strategic partnership to develop DEFEND ID products,” Miss Susanti concluded.


Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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